Tag: University College Cork

Tag: University College Cork

FreeHydroCells at the 9th EuChemS Conference

11 July, 2024
Read about FreeHydroCells' participation in the 9th EuChemS Conference in Dublin between 7th and 11th of July.
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Showcasing the magic of science at Cork Carnival of Science 2024!

10 June, 2024
FreeHydroCells researchers were delighted to share the magic of science with visitors of all ages at the Cork Carnival of Science 2024. The annual 2-day event attracts an estimated 75,000 visitors.
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FreeHydroCells strives for My Green Lab certification

18 April, 2024
In this blog piece, we learn how FreeHydroCells, along with a number of other environmental research projects, is undertaking a comprehensive external audit of its lab sustainability practices, with the goal of reducing lab wastage and achieving the My Green Lab certification.
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FreeHydroCells featured to visiting student delegation

20 March, 2024
The FreeHydroCells project was featured in a presentation to a group of students visiting University College Cork from the Minzu University of China, entitled "Pathways of Water, Heat and Light to Novel Renewable Energy Sources".
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FreeHydroCells at 2023 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston

26 January, 2024
FreeHydroCells presented the results of recent work on enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting using doped TMD nanofilms at the 2023 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting held in Boston, USA.
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Transition Year students welcomed to the FreeHydroCells lab!

20 December, 2023
A group of eight Transition Year students from across Ireland visited University College Cork's Environmental Research Institute as part of the AMBER Centre's TY Experience. The students visited labs for some hands on experience, and learnt about a number of innovative projects taking place in the fields of environment, energy and sustainability, including FreeHydroCells.
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Meet the Team: UCC

8 November, 2023
Dr. Ievgen Nedrygailov, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Chemistry in University College Cork, tells us about the UCC research team who are involved in the FreeHydroCells project.
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Project General Assembly Meeting held in Cork, Ireland

13 October, 2023
The first annual General Assembly meeting of the FreeHydroCells project took place in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland from 4th-5th October 2023. Project lead partner University College Cork hosted consortium partners from across Europe at the meeting, which focused on further advancing the scientific goals of the project.
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New video showcases state-of-the-art ALD equipment at Tyndall, UCC

21 August, 2023
In a new video, researcher Jun Lin showcases the capabilities of two pieces of state-of-the-art ALD (atomic layer deposition) equipment at the Advanced Materials and Surfaces Group, based in Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork in Ireland.
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Q&A with FreeHydroCells’ Alex Buttimer

10 August, 2023
We sat down with Alex Buttimer to learn more about her background, nanoscience research interests, and the valuable contribution she has made towards the development of FreeHydroCells' gas collection systems during her summer internship at Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork.
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