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Category: News

FreeHydroCells 2024 General Assembly Meeting held in Aachen, Germany

22 April, 2024
The 2024 General Assembly meeting of the FreeHydroCells project took place in Aachen, Germany from 9th-10th April 2024. Project partner AMO GmbH hosted consortium partners from across Europe at the meeting, which focused on further advancing the scientific goals of the project.
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FreeHydroCells strives for My Green Lab certification

18 April, 2024
In this blog piece, we learn how FreeHydroCells, along with a number of other environmental research projects, is undertaking a comprehensive external audit of its lab sustainability practices, with the goal of reducing lab wastage and achieving the My Green Lab certification.
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FreeHydroCells featured to visiting student delegation

20 March, 2024
The FreeHydroCells project was featured in a presentation to a group of students visiting University College Cork from the Minzu University of China, entitled "Pathways of Water, Heat and Light to Novel Renewable Energy Sources".
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FreeHydroCells featured in JRF Annual Report 2023!

11 March, 2024
The FreeHydroCells project was pleased to be featured in the JRF Annual Report 2023. JRF is the research association of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
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FreeHydroCells at 2023 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston

26 January, 2024
FreeHydroCells presented the results of recent work on enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting using doped TMD nanofilms at the 2023 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting held in Boston, USA.
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FreeHydroCells featured in Nanovate! magazine

16 August, 2023
'Inspired by Nature' - A two page feature on the FreeHydroCells project was published in the July 2023 edition of Nanovate! magazine. The piece illustrates how the core concept of FreeHydroCells draws on naturally occurring photosynthesis processes found in the natural world.
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FreeHydroCells at NRW Nano Conference

8 June, 2023
FreeHydroCells' partners AMO GmbH and RWTH Aachen represented the project at the recent NRW Nano Conference 2023.
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FreeHydroCells endorses SUNERGY initiative

24 May, 2023
Following FreeHydroCells' endorsement of the SUNERGY initiative, we look at the common themes and shared goals of both groups.
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