Transition Year students welcomed to the FreeHydroCells lab!

A group of eight Transition Year students from across Ireland visited University College Cork’s Environmental Research Institute recently as part of a ‘TY Experience Day’ organised by the AMBER Centre. The aim was to offer the students an insight into research science as a future career path.

The group visited the labs for some hands on experience, and learnt about a number of innovative projects taking place in the fields of environment, energy and sustainability, including FreeHydroCells. 

FreeHydroCells team members Dr. Ailbe Ó Manacháin, Professor Justin Holmes and Dr Ievgen Nedrygailov were delighted to host the students on the day, and to introduce some of the work, inspirations and challenges in the typical life of a research scientist.

The enthusiasm, passion and interest in the sciences and sustainability brought by the students signals that the future is in good hands! We thank all of the pupils who attended, and wish them well in their chosen path.

Photo credit: Mairead Holden @mairead_mh via X
Photo credit: TRANSLATE project @TranslateEnergy via X
Photo credit: TRANSLATE project @TranslateEnergy via X

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