FreeHydroCells at the 9th EuChemS Conference

Earlier this week, FreeHydroCells participated at the 9th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Dublin. Represented by Christopher Kent and Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick, the team actively contributed to the conference’s dialogue on innovative chemistry solutions. 

Christopher delivered an engaging oral presentation on the rationale behind the FreeHydroCells project, its anticipated future impact, and the role of BARDS in hydrogen detection. The presentation was well-received, sparking a lively discussion among the attendees.

In addition to their presentation, FreeHydroCells established valuable connections with researchers in the Environmental and Sustainability sectors, including members of the Sunergy EU consortium, broadening the scope for future collaborations. These connections highlight the growing interest and collaborative spirit within the scientific community towards addressing environmental challenges.

The 9th EuChemS Chemistry Congress, organised by the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland (ICI), brought together leading chemists from around the world from 7th to 11th July, 2024. The event featured a comprehensive scientific program that included plenary sessions, invited talks, short oral presentations, and poster sessions, all centered around eight scientific themes. These themes spanned areas such as Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Catalysis, Chemistry for Health, Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Nanochemistry, Physical and Analytical Chemistry, and Supramolecular Chemistry.

The Congress also hosted dedicated sessions by the EuChemS European Young Chemists’ Network and ICI, along with joint seminars and mini-symposia on various cutting-edge topics. This prestigious event continued the tradition of previous EuChemS Congresses by providing a platform for high-level scientific exchange and networking. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to and interact with some of the most celebrated researchers in the world, further enhancing the collaborative and innovative atmosphere of the conference.

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