FreeHydroCells endorses SUNERGY initiative

The FreeHydroCells project, along with lead partner University College Cork, is delighted to announce its endorsement of the SUNERGY initiative. 

SUNERGY is a group of experts spanning industry, academia and society, established to advocate for solar fuels and chemicals as the new paradigm for achieving the goal of a climate neutral Europe by 2050. It supports Research and Innovation initiatives working towards the conversion and storage of renewable energy into fossil-free fuels and chemicals. The active and expanding initiative currently has an open community of more than 300 members and supporters. It is also supported by the Horizon Europe-funded SUNER-C CSA project, covering both direct solar fuels and fuels produced via indirect processes.

Currently, SUNERGY is running an industry-focused campaign calling for the creation of a European public-private partnership on sustainable fuels. FreeHydroCells is proud to join more than 20 industry organisations and 40 research institutions who have already endorsed this vision.

Sunergy endorses FreeHydroCells

SUNERGY is one of a number of industry and academic groups which has endorsed the FreeHydroCells novel hydrogen fuel production concept from its inception phase. This latest development builds on the close collaborative relationship already established, and paves the way for future cooperation towards the shared goal of fossil-free fuels and a climate neutral Europe.

More information on SUNERGY’s industry campaign and letter of endorsement is available here.

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