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News & events

FreeHydroCells at NRW Nano Conference

8 June, 2023
FreeHydroCells' partners AMO GmbH and RWTH Aachen represented the project at the recent NRW Nano Conference 2023.
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FreeHydroCells endorses SUNERGY initiative

24 May, 2023
Following FreeHydroCells' endorsement of the SUNERGY initiative, we look at the common themes and shared goals of both groups.
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Meet the Team: CEA

28 April, 2023
Estelle le Baron of CEA tells us about how the organisation's expertise plays a leading role in the FreeHydroCells project workplan, and how each team member contributes towards the project work.
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Meet the Team: AMO

5 April, 2023
We spoke to Desislava Daskalova of AMO GmbH about the team’s expertise and their role in the FreeHydroCells project.
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The story behind FreeHydroCells

24 March, 2023
In this blog post Coordinator and Lead PI of FreeHydroCells, Dr Ailbe Ó Manacháin, tells us the background story to the project becoming successfully funded under Horizon Europe.
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Q&A with Project Coordinator

26 January, 2023
To learn more about the FreeHydroCells research programme, we asked Project Coordinator Dr. Ailbe Ó’Manacháin a number of questions about the project’s goals, research questions and general work plan.
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New Horizon Europe project FreeHydroCells aims to investigate freestanding energy-to-hydrogen fuel generation by solar energy absorption

8 December, 2022
FreeHydroCells (project ID: 101084261), a multi-partner, European consortium, led by the Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork (UCC), has received nearly €3.75 million in Horizon Europe research funding for just over 3 years of exploratory activity. The project aims to contribute to renewable energy technology development to support a faster transition to a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the EU economy by 2050.
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